Have you found what you are looking for? The German Order of the Knights Templar is a non-denominational and nonpartisan community of men and women based on friendship and connectedness. Here everyone has the freedom to express his or her ideas freely.

Mutual Respect

The German Order of the Knights Templar strives to respect the opinions and the way of life of others.This also applies to nationality, occupation, religion, gender and political beliefs.

Tolerance & Engagement

Tolerance, training of mind & soul, commitment to people in need, successful living in everyday life, commitment to peace and understanding among peoples, as well as respect for nature - these are essential aspects of The German Order of Knights Templar's orientation.

The Chapter of the Order is convened four times a year. All Templars from the Germanic regions gather there. The chapter location provides the setting for rituals, lectures, new members and a free exchange of ideas with brothers and sisters. The brothers and sisters draw strength from these meetings for their work as a Templar in the world.

  • Secret of my life

    „My decision to become a Templar has unlocked the secret of my life for me.
    I am grateful to The German Order of the Knights Templar for that.“

  • The Absolute

    „I joined the German Order of the Knights Templar because I don’t want to be satisfied with anything less than the highest teachings and spiritual laws. I finally found what I was looking for.“

  • Friends & Kindred Spirits

    “I found kindred spirits here. And I feel how the community of The German Order of the Knights Templar supports and sustains me on my spiritual path.”

What is expected of a Templar? A Templar is an upright, open-minded, free thinking and enthusiastic person. He/she likes the company of other people and is interested in the history of the Templar. A Templar does not live a superficial life. He/she wants to know what lies behind the visible world and enjoys the exchange with others.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.